Live the Life You Really Want, Achieving and Having Better Balance. A Better You.

Do you know you want to make some changes to your life but you don’t know where to start or perhaps even what changes you want to make?

Are you finding it difficult to obtain balance in your life while achieving your goals? 


To life the life you want and achieve the goals you desire OLR Coaching can help you unlock the known (or unknown) constraints in your life and with this also achieve balance.

Everyone’s definition of life and balance is individual to them; however some common related themes OLR Coaching can assist you with include the following:

WaveBank Training

The process of determining “who you really are” at this point in time and who you want to be as you move through your life

Goal setting

Creating accountability in achieving goals that are aligned with your life balance

Time management / Procrastination

Recognising how this impacts your life balance and developing strategies to improve and better control your time

Career management

Identifying where your career fits into the bigger picture and determining whether a career progression or career change is what is needed


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