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Listen to Your Body

Last night my body told me to rest – so I did. It’s been a hectic 7 days and my instinct knew it was time to listen. I ignored the washing that was sitting in the corner needing to be put away, along with all the other household chores and admin that need to be done. […]

Getting Back Your “Off Switch”

We live in a time whereby we are connected 24/7 to our work – our emails impatiently wait on our mobile device (which is usually attached to the palm of our hands), enticing us to open them. Before we know it, we can’t help ourselves and we are checking them in the evenings, on weekends […]

The Value of Mini-Breaks

So I had a pretty amazing mini-break last week; not only did I get to spend time with close friends from afar, I also got to see some really beautiful sights (incase you are interested…. this pic I took myself of the gorgeous landscape I experienced on my break). To be honest, the timing of […]

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