Self-Care Personal Coaching Program

Personal Coaching Program

Do you wish that you had some “me time” in your life?

Have you heard about self-care but it feels impossible with all the commitments you have?

Did you know that self-care is actually essential as it improves your wellbeing and productivity, and is not indulgent?

Would you like to know more?

Incorporating self-care into your daily life is easier than you might think.

I’d love to help you make positive changes to increase your wellbeing and find some “me time”.

By spending only 3 hours with me over a 6 week period you will:

  • Learn why self-care is so important
  • Find ways to make time for self-care
  • Identify the types of self-care activities that are most important for you
  • Be supported to remove the barriers that prevent you from practising self-care – including guilt!
  • Be kept accountable to the self-care commitment you made to yourself and celebrate your successes!

I’ll also share with you why I decided to make self-care an important part of my life, and some of the self-care tips that have worked for me.

All of this for an investment of $420 which includes 3 x 1 hour video/phone sessions together via Zoom, Skype or Phone.

To start the journey of making self-care an important part of your life, contact 0429 680 127 or

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