FAQ and Case Studies


  1. How will coaching make a difference to my life?

    Coaching will inspire you to enhance your life by identifying what really matters and achieving your goals that is aligned to this.

  2. How coaching is not the same as counselling or therapy

    Coaching supports people to move forward and achieve their goals; whereas therapy and counselling focuses on helping people address past incidents or trauma.

  3. What is the process to be coached by OLR Coaching?

    We have two solutions that we can offer you – attending one of our workshops, or engaging in a series of one-to-one coaching sessions.

    If you aren’t sure what solution is best for you we can start the process by having a complimentary no-obligation chat to see what might suit your needs and circumstances the best. The workshops are delivered live in Melbourne; or they can be conducted in other locations for in-house sessions.

    The one-to-one coaching sessions are conducted virtually – either by phone or by using technology such as Zoom or Skype. As the one-to-one sessions are virtual we can assist you wherever you are based in the world – and our clients find it convenient to dial in remotely.

  4. Tell me a little bit more about the workshops

    The workshops are group coaching sessions whereby you will explore some of the coaching tools we use in the one-to-one sessions. It is a great opportunity (and time efficient way) to get you started on your journey. If you need a refresher on the content that is covered please refer to our workshops page.

  5. How will I achieve value for this?

    Our objective is to help our clients live their best lives that’s aligned with what’s really important to them and achieve goals. The aim of our coaching is to set you up with the tools for lasting success – a short term investment for a long term benefit. You can do this by attending one of our workshops, or investing in our one-to-one coaching packages. The way we structure our packages for our one-to-one personal coaching can be found on our personal packages page.

Case Studies

of some of the type of people we work with….

The Business Owner

You are a proud (yet exhausted) business owner; you created and grew your business to where it is today. You live and breathe the business – and love it; however you know that the other elements of your life are neglected. Is it time to make some changes to get a little more balance to ensure you are looking after yourself and making time for those important to you; while also ensuring the business thrives?

The Employee

Work, sleep, repeat. Sound familiar? Building your career has been important to you – for many reasons including sense of achievement and providing financial security. However is it still meeting the purpose that you originally intended? Are you achieving your career goals while also making time for the other important things in life?

The Mum

Busy with the kids, which is incredibly rewarding; but what about being busy with you? The past few years have flown by raising the kids, and now as they get older/start school have you thought about what the next phase of your life looks like?

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