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We believe self-care is essential to mental and physical wellbeing. Read our Self-Care in the Workplace Info Sheet for more about why self-care is such an important wellbeing activity and it can improve the mental wellbeing in organisations – something we are sure is important to your organisation.

Our Mastering Your Self-Care workshop is a great way of assisting employees to incorporate self-care into their daily lives – with some simple strategies they can start immediately. Our practical workshop is a one-hour session which can be run as part of a team meeting; or can be scheduled at a convenient time when the team can get together.

Alternatively, some organisations prefer a more personalised approach, and our individual one-to-one Self-Care Coaching can be a great way to support employees.

Or perhaps your organisation would like a blended approach of the Mastering Your Self-Care workshop and then follow up individual coaching sessions?

Whatever your needs may be; we can tailor an approach to best suit your organisation. Contact us to further discuss.

Coaching Services

We also support organisations by providing Coaching services for their people to enable them to enhance their performance by eliciting their strengths, improving their self-confidence and utilising other personal management strategies such as time management, effective goal setting and self-care.

Contact us for a no obligation chat about how we can work with your organisation.

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