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This is How Easy Self-Care Can Be

Yesterday for me was all about self-care.  A bike ride and enjoying the afternoon sunshine with a glass of bubbles – all with a beautiful member of my Tribe. Quite simple but incredibly nourishing, and it was just the start to the week I needed. Self-care doesn’t need to be time consuming, complicated or expensive. […]

Listen to Your Body

Last night my body told me to rest – so I did. It’s been a hectic 7 days and my instinct knew it was time to listen. I ignored the washing that was sitting in the corner needing to be put away, along with all the other household chores and admin that need to be done. […]

Gratitude to the Women in my Life

Gratitude is something I regularly practice – and as I reflect today, Mother’s Day, about the wonderful women in my life, I want to openly share the gratitude I have for them. I know I have been very blessed to have been surrounded by beautiful female role models throughout my life – which started way […]

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

I have known for a while now that money can’t buy happiness – and yes, I did learn this the hard way when I finally came to the slightly sad realisation that my happiness level did not increase with every pair of beautiful shoes I purchased…..of course there is that rush of joy when you […]

Want to Make Changes? Then Take Action

If you change nothing then nothing changes. That’s logical common sense isn’t it? You would think so. Most of us at any given time want to make some type of change to enhance our lives – a new job, get fit, lose weight, save money, improve relationships, etc, etc….. But if we don’t take action, […]

The Importance of Your Tribe

So I have been ‘off the grid’ for the past few days – on purpose and for great reason. I’ve had the pleasure of hosting some international members of my Tribe who visited my fabulous hometown. For them it was a holiday, an opportunity to experience the delights of Melbourne – the coffee, the food, […]

The Secret to Busting My Bad Habit

As I wrote in an earlier blog, I had set myself a 30 day #nolollie challenge to bust my bad habit of being too reliant on lollies as my go-to-snack. I think it’s okay for them to be enjoyed in moderation as an occasional treat, but not to be a regular staple of my diet […]

Love Is In The Air!

Ah February, you are here already. And the stores and our inboxes are filled with chocolates, stuffed furry animals and many other goods which is a not-so-subtle reminder that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! I usually cringe at the sight of this Valentine’s Day paraphernalia – for the record, I am not cringing because I […]

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